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Bypass Android Pattern Lock

This post is on Bypass Android Pattern Lock. If someone changed your pattern lock of your Android phone, or you just can’t come to remember the combination then what you would do? Eh? Ping up the Customer Care Service? Ha-Ha…:D

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me “is there any way to bypass android pattern”, as he was suffering from this problem. So, today I wrote the solution by which you can Bypass Android Pattern Lock easily. Well, there are a lot of ways to unlock your phone if you forgot your password or pattern. The methods work fine on all Android devices.

The methods to Bypass Android Pattern Lock:

Well, as I mentioned above there a lot of ways to bypass the android password or pattern..read these below.

  • Official Method of Google
  • Screen Lock Bypass
  • Hard Reset
  • Android ADB

So let’s begin..

 A) Official Method of Google:

This method is known by almost all of you. It is 0the easiest and fastest way to unlock your Android device. The method just takes a couple of seconds and you’ll be able to unlock your phone and set a new password or pattern. But you need to have internet access on your phone and have a genuine Google account.

1) Click on the Forgot Password or Forgot Pattern option on your device’s lock screen. (Tip: enter the password incorrectly 5 times to make the pop up of forgot password come)

2) Enter your Google login details. For logging in to your Google account, tap on Enter Google account details. For answering the security question, tap on Answer question.


3) Enter your Google ID and password and click on Sign in. If you don’t remember your Google login details, then go here: Google recovery page. After you are done, you can enter your new login details.


4) That’s it! You will now be able to use your new security password in order to unlock your phone.

B) Screen Lock Bypass:

Screen Lock Bypass is actually an application by which you can crack your android phone’s passwords and patterns. This Android pattern lock bypass software costs about $4.20, it is worth it if you really need to access your phone. This Application is specially made to Bypass Android Pattern Lock. Thanks to the developers of this app..

1) Open Google Play on your PC and login with your Google account details. (use the same Google account that you use on your Android device)

bypass android lock

3) Unplug your USB charger if it is connected to your Android device and again plug it back. Now, you’ll get a new screen asking for activation. Simply click on the Activate button and you are done!


4) Lastly, on the new screen press the Remove Lock Password button. It will be unlocked now!

The other two methods of Bypass Android Pattern Lock are little complicated! They will be made easier to understrand for the SilentPoins readers and then be posted! Your queries are most welcome there below…:D

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