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How To Destroy A Website By JavaScript

Hello mates. After a long time here, I’ll be telling you an amazing trick to destroy a website. Well, to say literally, its an prank. Not an real website hacking trick. By this you can prank anyone. And the one whom you gonna prank on is surely gonna believe on you as like I did when my friend showed me this trick. It’s just like playing an game tho. And this trick will not work on Google Chrome.

What Does This Prank Meant Exactly?

Well, I have an example for you by which you can clarify yourself on this. It’s an example of our site. Here below is a snap of a part of : www.SilentPoints.com 



Can you see the triangle type thing just left to the image of mine? That’s the rocket. And you gonna fight with that with any site. Do you want to see the image and the tag above that being move away?


Here goes the another snap of that place. But where’s the image? 😀 It’s being thrown away by the rocket. I gave a shoot on that pic and lo, the PIC disappeared. 😀 Amazing Eh?

Move below for performing the trick…

How To Destroy A Website By The JavaScript Trick:


  1. Right Click here >Asteroid Shooting< **Or you can insert this JavaScript directly in any browser except than chrome.**

    javascript:var s = document.createElement(‘script’);s.type=’text/javascript’;document.body.appendChild(s);s.src=’http://erkie.github.com/asteroids.min.js’;void(0);

  2. Click on Bookmark this Link.
  3. After it is bookmarked, open any site you want to. Eg: Go to  SilentPoints.com and move to the bookmarked pages. You’ll find the bookmark named “Asteroid Shooting” in the bookmark page. 
  4. Click there.
  5. Now you will see that exact rocket or triangle type thing appearing on the screen.
  6. Now you can do your job. You can move the rocket by the arrow keys and shoot missiles by the SPACE bar key.
  7. It is done. And if you want the site to look like before then you can just reload that page. That’s all. 😀

how to destroy a website


Lastly, want to tell you, if you want to destroy this page then click on the Asteroid Shooting link. But please don’t destroy it much. lol. So, that’s the way on how to destroy a website. if you have any queries regarding this then please do comment.

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Thanks for reading. I’ll be back with some more interesting stuffs. Till then goodbye..

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