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7 Ways the Mobile App World is Evolving in 2019


Due to the tremendous growth in mobile app development, smartphones have become indispensable tools. Whether it is for watching videos, going to work, checking emails or contacting your friends, there is a mobile app for everything. Thanks to the usage of mobile apps, developers are coming with innovative ways to meet this demand. Here are seven ways the mobile app world is evolving in 2019:

More cloud-based mobile apps

Cloud computing is gaining popularity as it frees up significant space from the user’s smartphone. For example, Whatsapp stores your messages and media on Google Drive. Similarly, Google Photos does the same, by compressing and storing your images and videos (unless you have a Pixel device). There will be an increase in cloud-based mobile apps in 2019.

Focus on apps for wearables

As everyone is focusing on health and fitness, there is an increase in demand for smartwatches and fitness trackers. For instance, there are apps which help count the number of steps, calories burned, and the quality of sleep. Expect mobile app development to focus on wearables next year.

Greater implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming mainstream, as app developers are using this technology to improve mobile apps. Swiftkey uses AI to improve its predictions, while Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei are using this technology to recognize scenes in their camera applications for better performance.

Increase in mobile payments

Apple, Google, and Samsung introduced apps which allow users to make payments. These apps function like a debit or credit card, allowing users to pay with their smartphones. Whatsapp also has Whatsapp Pay, allowing users to transfer money.

Instant apps

Instant apps for Android is revolutionary in mobile app development, as users can use them without having to install applications on their smartphones. As it doesn’t occupy a lot of space, developers will focus on improving them.

Location-based and beacon services

Although this technology has been around for a while, app developers have been slow in realizing its true potential. As personalization is key, location-based and beacon services will allow mobile apps to cater relevant content to their users.

Significant focus on security

Apps now have to handle confidential and personal information of users as the Internet of Things (IoT) and such technologies are becoming a reality. Due to these reasons, there will be a significant focus on security.

There is no doubt that 2019 will see a number of innovative apps that would change our lives for the better!

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Ecommerce Domains 101: What You Need To Know Before Buying New TLDs


Domain names can be one of the most crucial decisions you ever make for your business. The reason is it directly affects your branding. However, getting the domain name you imagined might not be as easy. Most of the best TLDs (Top-Level Domains) are already taken. Coming up with a creative name that still resonates with your brand can be difficult. It is vital for you to understand that finding a domain name must be given thought and time. The user will get the first impression of your business when they encounter your domain name.

Users get the first impression of your business from your domain name

What Are New TLDs?

Earlier, TLDs consisted of dot com, dot net, dot org etc. The new TLDs introduced by ICANN helped businesses create their own TLD extensions. There are hundreds of new TLDs that are currently available for you to use. Some of the popular TLDs include: dot services, dot photo, dot academy and dot dating to name a few. Just because they are new, does not mean that they are cheap. Some TLDs can cost you hundreds of dollars per year. However, they are something new from the usual dot com or dot org TLDs that has ruled the Internet for decades.

Benefits Of New TLDs For Your Business

  • You can specify your business name and the area of expertise with the help of new TLDs. For example, www.businessname.areaofexpertise is a way in which you can layout the new TLD. This will help potential customers and users know what your business is directly associated with.
  • New TLDs let you get more creative. You can create domain names that are shorter. The shorter your domain name, the easier it will be for the users and potential customers to remember. Users are more likely to recommend your business to other people as they will remember your unique domain name.

  • You can divide your business name strategically. If you have a long business name then you can cut it down without losing its essence. Of course, changing the business name in its entirety is not a good idea. However, you can make it more memorable.
  • A TLD is localized which means you are going to reach your target audience better. For example, if your business offers services to a particular location, then you can use the name of the country or city or state in your new TLD. This will let you reach more customers in that area.
  • You get more options to move away from the usual dot com extensions. Using extensions that speak more about your business can be more beneficial as they will be less generic in nature. If you have an extension such as .dating then your users automatically know that your business provides dating services.

Drawbacks Of New TLDs For Your Business

  • When you buy a domain, you must have realized that most of the websites are dot com. That is what users are used to viewing. Hence, having an extension that is not dot com might not be as fruitful as having a dot-com extension as it may raise questions about your authenticity.
  • As new TLDs are rarer, you have to make more effort into making your business known. This means you need to spend more energy, money and time on making your brand known. You will need to ensure that the users do not get redirected to your competitors with established dot-com TLDs.

Should You Buy New TLDs?

Buying a new TLD should be a conscious decision. You need to think about your target audience and about your competitors. You can use a new TLD if your audience consists of technical users. However, if your audience consists of people who are not, then they might be more confused. Does your competitor have the dot-com domain? Then you should definitely refrain from getting a new TLD especially when non-technical users are part of your audience. If that is not the case, then you should not think twice before getting the new TLD.

Shopify makes it easy for you to buy domain name for your business. It clearly shows the domain name available and the price. Even if you are a startup, you can make use of the new TLDs to expand your business’s growth. Dot-coms won’t be here forever. The new TLDs will create their niche sooner than later. However, you know your business best. Buying a domain should be your own decision. Carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether you want to stick to traditional TLDs or whether you want to try new TLDs.

Download Happy Chick APK – Play Classic Games On Your Android

Download Happy Chick

If you ever have used PPSSPP for Android to emulate PSP games in your phone, you might have followed a series of steps and procedures to finally get the PSP game going in your phone. Happy Chick is something similar but something more simplified and diversified. I am not only talking about PSP but all the classic gaming devices.

Happy Chick is capable of restoring your past childhood games on your phone. A sort of renaissance and nostalgia for you!
You name Playstation 1, 2, 3, Nintendo DS, Gameboy or any other console, you are going to get its features and gameplay directly in your phone by downloading Happy Chick.
Mortal Kombat, Dungeons and Dragons, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario, Roadrash..you name it and you simply get it.

Download Happy Chick APK

I got the chance to download Happy Chick on my phone and experience the retro nature of the application! Trust me I was amazed by the versatility of the application. Mind the fact that the application does not come with any built-in games. The emulator is just built-in whose working will be obviously hidden. It means the games are uploaded by the users themselves.

Since the application is already popular, you are going to get a variety of applications and games across different platforms.

There’s a reason why the creator of this application does not upload the game files themselves. It would be a copyright violation. So, in order to avoid such norms, the users themselves upload the files so it stays safe and legal. Most importantly, you get to enjoy the free service of the application without any violation of rules and regulations.

Download Happy Chick For Android

Click on the button below to get happy chick emulator on your Android device.

There might be a small little issue after you download Happy Chick for the first time. The user interface language of the application might be different. It may be Chinese. Thumbs up if you are well versed with the language! If not direct yourself to the Manage section which is in the bottom section, then settings. Under Settings, you will spot the language option and then you have the freedom to select the language you are most comfortable with.

Usually, in Emulators, you do not get the freedom to change the file location of the downloaded ISO. But here you can and you will find the option under the settings tab.

Is Happy Chick APK Difficult to use?

Remember the fact that Happy Chick could be a little confusing at first. The different languages at the start page might bamboozle you. Do not worry as you just need to change the language and then you need to select the platform that you would like to explore.

I always wanted to explore the Nintendo DS and PSP as these devices were like the building blocks of my childhood. After you select a platform, you are on the desired emulator page. Simply tap on “get” and the file will be downloaded locally. After the installation process is complete and you see that the file isn’t working anymore you could upload a file with the community which works.

The best part is once you are in the game, you still will have a lot of diversity. You can return to the home menu of the game and you are going to get various options for recording a game, making fine adjustments to the virtual buttons placed on the screen for your own comfort!

If you download Happy Chick, you realize the fact that it isn’t only an emulator but a community. Yes, that’s right! It somehow resembles the features on Steam or Origin platform gaming. If you go to the play tab and go into the fight submenu you are going to get the list of various players playing different games across different platforms. You can connect with them, chat with them, create groups or even maybe challenge for a showdown! How cool is that? It is like the Steam platform in a retro style!

The best part of this emulator is that if you are still one of those nerds who carry those devices just to keep the memories of the past fresh, you need not do that anymore. You just have to download Happy Chick and you are good to go, Obviously, you do not get the versatility of the physical buttons but you always get the virtual ones which are just as effective as the physical buttons.

Keeping all these points into account, I must say the Happy Chick is the most versatile and diversified emulator available right now. If you want to get hold of it you got to download Happy Chick and relive your childhood again. The old art and spirit will be rejuvenated. I have used many emulators across different platforms. Trust me, as an app reviewer, this is the best emulator one can get hold of right now. It’s easy to use, has a friendly user interface and everything is absolutely free. You just got to download Happy Chick and see the difference it makes in your lives!

Best Google Play Store Alternatives Download


Hey there! So today we are going to talk about some best play store alternatives. As we already know that there are a lot of alternatives available for each and every work in this modern time as to fulfill the needs of us.

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Why we need an alternative of Play Store:

  1. Sometimes what happens is that the play store app installed on our phone stops working for some technical reasons. It may be permanent or for a few time, but for that moment we need a good alternative of play store.
  2. The main thing to notice is that not all the apps are available on play store. Play store does not allow some applications which are not legal or unsafe from the security point of view. Though we need some apps to make some ways easier, so in this case play store has a drawback.
  3. Also, in some cases, we can’t afford the premium apps available on Play store as they are bit expensive. But we can Download all the Paid Apps totally at free of cost.

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So, studying all the points, sometimes we need a good play store alternative as per our needs. So here I’m making a list of some best play store alternatives that you can easily find and use them.

Amazon App Store

Best google play Store Alternative

Amazon App Store also known as Amazon underground is considered the best alternative to Google Play Store, where Amazon is now one of the biggest competitors of Google. It is most popular among the Android users who need the alternative for the Play store as it offers you to install one paid per day totally at free of cost. Besides it, Amazon also has a huge collection of books, movies, and songs which you can often download at cheaper prices as compared to Google Play Store.



Best google play Store Alternative

Getjar is available as an app provider for a very long time as it is older than Google Play Store. Millions of applications are available on Getjar across major mobile platforms like Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phones. Here the apps are divided into different categories that make it easier to find what you want. Downloading applications from this store is quite fast and secure but the only drawback of GetJar is that the apps available here may not be up to date.





Mobogenie is also a nice alternative to google play store, which features many apps that also can be found in the play store but the point it differs is that it is properly organized and really has an awesome recommendation system. It supports multiple languages and offers you to choose from a variety of categories and download the related apps. It also allows you to download wallpapers, ringtones, images, videos, audio files and much more. Another plus point to using this app store is that there is no registration required.



Best google play Store Alternative

SlideMe is another alternative of play store which is very easy and safe to install. It provides a wide range of free and paid android applications in various categories. You can use this app store in multiple languages and many currencies are accepted here. Here you can also filter the apps as newest, ratings, updated and categories like games, lifestyle, education and many more. You can freely install the SlideMe app from its website.



Best google play Store Alternative

If you want to download premium (paid) apps for free, then you don’t need to look further because AppBrain can be your last and best destination. Many developers around the world offer their paid apps to install for free for a limited time on this website and in return, AppBrain publicizes their apps. It offers both app and website to allow users to access its catalog easily. This play store alternative provides the extensive details of apps that you cannot find at any other place.


You may also download Opera Mod APK – Fast and Free Internet Browser to download great apps, music and videos!

Final words

In this article, I shared the websites and Apps which are good alternatives to the Google play store. If you are having any problem while using them, then let me know in comments. Give your feedback on this article in the comment section. That’s it, guys! I hope it was helpful to you.

How Technology is changing In the Door Lock system


We all want convenience. We all want security. As the security is a basic need stated in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, how you will feel if you can avail security with convenience. This is possible with technology. How technology helps security. How technology affects security. If someone wants to upgrade his home security with upgraded technology, he will go toward advance door lock system.

Smarts locks replaced over manual locks. These smart locks may be used as a supplement or they may completely replace your conventional door locks. By installing smart door locks in our homes, we will come to know how these smart door locks benefit us.


When someone lost his keys and there are no other the way to enter home except calling a lock expert, a great tension surrounds him. We can install a smart door lock system and overcome this tension of losing keys. As a smart door lock system allows us keyless entry into our home.

These smart locks also alert the owner when something going wrong. When someone enters your home, leaves your home or also if he attempts to fraudulently enter your home. The system will notify you on your smartphone device.

Technology is ever-changing a thing. These locks continually upgrading with updated technology. Now in the market, such door lock systems also available by which you can allow someone to enter into your home with your permission. You can allow your guests to enter the home if you are not at home. You will simply generate digital keys on your device and will send these digital keys to your trusted people. You can allow your maid to enter the home. These digital keys will expire when you want.

This also helps when you are away from your home. You can allow a delivery person to drop the package at your home. After that, you may lock the door again when the package is delivered. These smart locks are also compatible with other door devices such as smart doorbells and programmable lightening. Which allows the users to see who is on the door before unlocking it.

Some people do not have an interest in smart technology but want a simple, reliable and low-cost door lock system. These traditional electronic door lock systems also have some benefits such as they use rechargeable batteries, you will never face a deadlock when you come home. There are three ways of non-smart based door technology.

  1. Securitron power jump ICPT
  2. DKC two-door Controller
  3. Kwikset 264 TRL Traditional Electronic Deadbolt

Smart door lock systems work with the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Locks with a feature of Bluetooth are more secure than Wi-Fi locks.  As when your locking system is connected to the internet, this is more vulnerable. Someone can hack your entire system. Bluetooth lock system works as when you are near to the door, Bluetooth will connect to the security system and you can lock or unlock your door.

Different home sensors security systems are available now for your home security system. These sensors feel your presence, identify you and then allow you to enter the home. These sensors may be installed on doors and also on windows. When an armed person attempts to enter your home, these sensors will send motion triggers to your device. Also, the system will generate alarms and sirens.

You need not hide your door key under the rock. Technology has been changed and upgraded with useful and beneficial features. Smart garage system also introduced. They work by plugging a network adapter into your home router and then registering the unit with a provider. Then you may control the system with your android system or iOS app. This system allows people to enter the garage, even when you are not at home.

Fingerprint scanners are also available now facilitating the users. This technology is newly generated for Door locks but it is spreading on the vast level and people are happy about this. This technology also has some drawback as if someone takes your fingerprints and by making a copy of these, he can access your space. But he must be experienced in this job.

First home lock system uses electromagnetic contacts for windows and home or office doors. These sensors then attached to a battery and bell. When there some intrusion happens, the bells ring and alarms the owner or security personnel. Nowadays, smart homes are upgraded with motion sensors. These sensors are connected to advance central units. By using smartphones, owners can arm or disarm these alarms via central units. Installing CCTV is another way to secure your home. This is how technology is changing in door locks and people are benefiting from them. Learn more about door lock system to make a good choice.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web: Which one to choose?


Nowadays most of the people like using mobile devices like Smartphone and Tablets for accessing information in comparison to desktops and laptops. According to a survey by Google, the number of searches done using mobile devices is far greater than desktops. The main reason behind this is convenience. People can more conveniently access any website or services using just their mobile phones.

Different companies provide their services in the form of both Mobile websites and mobile app. So the big question here is which one is better- a website on an app. Let’s have a look at both of them in details along with the features they provide.

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Difference between Mobile websites and Mobile apps

As you all know both the mobile website and applications are accessed using a mobile device such as a tablet or Smartphone. Websites are simple HTML pages linked together which can be easily accessed through a browser. On the other hand, a mobile app is an application specially made for a particular purpose. It can be downloaded and installed on mobile from an app store. Mobiles app also access the data from the internet but it provides a personalized experience to the user.

Image Credits: Jway.com

Mobile App

As described above a mobile app is an application specially developed to serve a particular purpose. It is written in the operating system’s language and is only supported by that particular operating system. It provides a number of features to the user.

Here are some main features a mobile app offers

  • Personalized Experience

An app provides a personalized user experience based on their interest, behavior, and location. A user is asked to set up his preferences at the time of installing, and then it provides a customized user interface to best suit his needs. An app also provides custom recommendations to the user. Mobile websites generally lack this feature.

  • Leverage the device capabilities

A mobile app enhances the user’s experience as the app is able to interface with the device hardware and other features like GPS, camera, calls, emails, messages, device vibration, alerts and much more. Having access to these features of the devices can be very beneficial and plays a great role in enhancing the overall user experience.

Mobile websites on the other side are very limited. It can access some of the basic features only like GPS, camera etc.

  • Offline access to basic features

You can have access to some of the basic features even if you don’t have the internet connection. Therefore the advantage of having a mobile app is that user can have access to information, read articles and browse through the product catalog anytime and anywhere.

  • Better performance

The mobile application which is well designed performs a lot better than websites. The user can have faster access to the features and services in comparison to a website. There is absolutely no need to wait for websites to load. It also keeps the user well engaged and informed by sending push notifications at regular intervals.

  • Mobile Websites

A mobile website is a browser-based way of accessing a service. It is made to be responsive on a small screen. It is made to work seamlessly on both desktops and devices like tablet and mobile with a touchscreen interface. A website is better in some aspects in comparison to mobile apps. It is compatible with different devices, maintaining a website is really easy and inexpensive.

Features of a mobile website are

  • Compatibility

A single website can be accessed by different devices at the same time. It works on different operating systems without having the need of designing separate application for the different type of devices. A user who owns the different type of devices appreciates this feature of mobile websites.

  • Broader Reach

A website targets a very large number of the audience than a mobile website because it is compatible with different kinds of devices and operating system.

  • Inexpensive than apps

Mobile websites are cost effective. It is also low maintenance. Developing apps for the different type of platforms can be quite costly. Website contents can be changed just by editing them. Updating and changing the content of an app is quite difficult and costly because you need to release an updated version of the app to do so.


In spite of these features of a mobile website, there are certain limitations. It can’t leverage all the features of mobiles devices as efficiently as an app does. Camera, calls, emails, GPs etc. are not well supported by even most responsive websites. Mobiles websites are also not as fast as mobile apps. Push notifications and other features are also absent making it less efficient than apps. Therefore an iOS app development for your business is a smart way and is far more than just websites. It results in an increased popularity and customer trust.