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Restart Your Friends Mobile by Sending Them A SMS

In my previous post I wrote about a prank to create fake whatsapp conversation. Well, this trick is also a prank! By this you can restart your friends mobile by sending him/her a sms. A simple SMS!

This is really a marvelous Trick by which you can show your hacker attitude to your friends!

NOTE: This tricks works fine in 1110 – 110i – 1112 – 1100 – 2100 Handsets.

How To Restart Your Friends Mobile ?

Its damn simple I say! Just follow these…and Restart Your Friends Mobile Phone in one go!

1) Open your messages and click on create a new msg.

2) Copy this code (contains 79 commas):


3) After it is ready on your mobile send it to your friend.

4) Its done now! His mobile will be switched off. You can try calling him/her (by just a missed call. I bet it won’t ring!) nokia-225-dual-sim

Will it Really Work?

The answer is yes! BUT..! This will work fine only on 1110 – 110i – 1112 – 1100 – 2100 Handsets.  You may be thinking of, how can this affect a mobile phone. Well, its just a small glitch in Nokia phones that crashes when victim receives these number of characters, so have fun! 😀

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Thanks for reading. SilentPoints will be back with some more Awesome tricks. Do enjoy those! 😀

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